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August 28, 2016

A beautiful photograph is one of the best ways to remember an important event.  Sun flare’s streaking through the frame, as a couple is smiling proudly having just said their vows.   I get a sense of pride and accomplishment looking through the finished photos.  It’s what I love to do.

So after taking thousands of RAW photos at a wedding, so I must choose the best of the best, I can’t edit them all.  But how do I pick the photos?  We may have 50 shots of a couple looking fabulous in one scene near a water fountain.  Some are smiling, some serious, some goofy.  I like them all!  I may pick 10 of the best I like, but I always wonder about the other 40.  I can’t pick them all, because there are thousands more and it would take weeks to months to spend the time I want on each photo.

So that’s why I let the couple pick the photos they want to have. The Bride may want a completely different 10 out of 50 than I do for different reasons and I would never have known.  Most other photographers chose the photos for their clients, so most people never know what photos didn’t make the cut.  The bride and groom can pick just the right amount of happy, serious and goofy.  After easily clicking on the photos they want from the comfort of their home, I get an email letting me know they are finished.  I will add in some of my favorites, then take the RAW photos and go to work adding my artistic blends to each photograph, fit to be printed and hung on a wall for all their friends, family and future children can share at an amazing moment in time.

grace hill winery shawn bradley wedding photographer

Just married couple photographed by Shawn Bradley Photography at their wedding.

June 23, 2012

So my wife and two adorable children (ages 2.5 and 1 month) and I, have been living in this wonderful state for a little over a year now.  Even though we haven’t gotten out as much as we wanted, due to our young children, we still love it here.  We have gone snowboarding, got stuck in snow, rode our bikes at some local mountain bike trails, crashed our bikes at some local mountain bike trails, so on and so forth.

There are so many places that I can’t wait to photograph.  So far I have not had a chance to photograph a mountain wedding or engagement shoot.  This is high on my “priorities” list =)  If you are interested in a mountain wedding/engagement, I’m your guy!   I have visited and photographed wonderful clients all over Denver however, and I do look forward to my upcoming weddings in the city.

So I recently took the opportunity to photograph Denver’s beautiful skyline.  Again, it’s such a gorgeous city.  The black and white image can be seen from Linger Denver.  One of the best views of the city.  However a new high rise apartment complex is going in between Linger and downtown!  I was disappointed to see this.  If you love going to Linger, hurry up at soak in the views while they last!  =)

You can view and purchase the hi-resolution photos here.

Here’s to several more happy years and fun adventures in Colorado!