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September 28, 2016

I’m so happy for Rachel and Anthony.  They are not only a lovely couple, but have hearts of gold.

The wedding party was also very gracious, and even though the ladies were a bit camera shy, we captured some amazing moments.

The wedding and ceremony was at the Petroleum Club in Downtown Wichita, Kansas.

These are some of my favorites from their big day.  Congrats you two!


Ring in a flowersbp-getting-ready_mg_0075img_7862bride on couchbridesmaid selfiegroomsmen at keeper of the plainsgroomsmen at keeper of the plainswichita-wedding-photographer-4wichita-wedding-photographer-5wichita-wedding-photographer-8img_8726 img_8735
bride and groom holding eachotherbride and groom kissing at petroleum clubbride and groom holding eachotherwichita-wedding-photographer-166





“I am a Wichita Wedding Photographer”

September 10, 2016

The family and I packed our bags and headed to KC again for another fabulous wedding in Lees Summit.

The location is a historical mansion called Longview Mansion.  I love old locations like this, the walls just breath life.

There is just something about them that add flavor to weddings, and this one is no different.

Here are just a few photos and plan to update more soon.



Shawn Bradley Photography Weddings Kansas

Wedding Day at Longview Mansion in Lee’s Summit Missouri

Shawn Bradley Photography Weddings Kansas Shawn Bradley Photography Weddings Kansas Shawn Bradley Photography Weddings Kansas Shawn Bradley Photography Weddings Kansas Shawn Bradley Photography Weddings Kansas Shawn Bradley Photography Weddings Kansas Shawn Bradley Photography Weddings Kansas

August 28, 2016

A beautiful photograph is one of the best ways to remember an important event.  Sun flare’s streaking through the frame, as a couple is smiling proudly having just said their vows.   I get a sense of pride and accomplishment looking through the finished photos.  It’s what I love to do.

So after taking thousands of RAW photos at a wedding, so I must choose the best of the best, I can’t edit them all.  But how do I pick the photos?  We may have 50 shots of a couple looking fabulous in one scene near a water fountain.  Some are smiling, some serious, some goofy.  I like them all!  I may pick 10 of the best I like, but I always wonder about the other 40.  I can’t pick them all, because there are thousands more and it would take weeks to months to spend the time I want on each photo.

So that’s why I let the couple pick the photos they want to have. The Bride may want a completely different 10 out of 50 than I do for different reasons and I would never have known.  Most other photographers chose the photos for their clients, so most people never know what photos didn’t make the cut.  The bride and groom can pick just the right amount of happy, serious and goofy.  After easily clicking on the photos they want from the comfort of their home, I get an email letting me know they are finished.  I will add in some of my favorites, then take the RAW photos and go to work adding my artistic blends to each photograph, fit to be printed and hung on a wall for all their friends, family and future children can share at an amazing moment in time.

grace hill winery shawn bradley wedding photographer

Just married couple photographed by Shawn Bradley Photography at their wedding.

August 22, 2016

When I photograph a wedding, its something not to be taken lightly. I prepare rigorously. I have professional camera gear, then I have backup professional camera gear to go along my lighting equipment. I make sure all my batteries are charged, my memory cards are formatted fresh, and that all my lenses are clean.
I talk with the couple, get to know them. I want to find out what they want from their wedding and deliver the best I can. We work together to find the most opportune times during the big day to get the memories captured perfectly. I mentally prepare on wedding day, as I lace up my black shoes and slide my slacks on. Then I run to the nearest Chipotle and enjoy the best fast casual Mexican food known to man. I listen to loud music as I drive over to the venue, and get excited for what the day will bring. I am a wedding photographer living in Wichita, Kansas.

A happy bride dancing at her wedding reception

A happy bride dancing at her wedding reception

October 20, 2014

I am now officially a “knot” photographer!  I hope this will allow my photography brand to do all kinds of new and exciting things.

If you are a previous couple of mine and want to let everyone else know what an awesome job I did please click on this link to do so!

Review us on The Knot

If you are a prospective bride/groom, then all I want to say is to go with whoever makes you feel comfortable, then everything else will follow… and of course, congratulations!

Capturing Moments That Last a Lifetime

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October 15, 2013

Misty + DJ are high school sweethearts and have been together since they were 15 years old.  After attending separate colleges, upon graduation DJ asked Misty to marry him and they quickly moved in together.

Their wedding and reception took place at Kevin Taylor’s At The Opera House in downtown Denver, Colorado.

Misty + DJ

  Coordinator: Hillary MacArthur with The Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group

Hair: Jack Roybal

Dress: Davinci from Amanda’s Bridal and Tux

Tux: Al’s Formal Wear

Florist: M&M Floral arranged by Natalie Ehlers

Cake: Bobbi Trujillo and Joyce Trujillo wtih TAO Cakes

Associate Photographer: Nicole Nichols

DJ: Ed Vallejo

The morning started with Misty + DJ getting ready in their perspective rooms at the Courtyard by Marriot

Shawn Bradley Photography-361WEB storyboard011WEB storyboard040WEBShawn Bradley Photography-314 WEBstoryboard042WEB storyboard043WEB storyboard045WEB

Misty is a huge Broncos fan, While DJ is a huge Raiders fan!


DJ and his guys were great!  They really enjoyed walking around downtown. 

storyboard019WEBShawn Bradley Photography-390WEBstoryboard046WEBShawn Bradley Photography-396WEB

Misty was a stunning bride and her girls knew just how to make her smile!

MistyMistyMisty and BridesmaidsShawn Bradley Photography-417RetouchedWEB

There were special touches in both the wedding ceremony and reception, and we loved the creative décor and art in this unique setting.

storyboard029WEBstoryboard050WEBShawn Bradley Photography-53WEB

After the wedding ceremony things got really loose!

storyboard022WEB Shawn Bradley Photography-511WEBstoryboard023WEBIMG_0015 as Smart Object-1WEBstoryboard035WEBShawn Bradley Photography-515WEBstoryboard001WEBstoryboard039WEBShawn Bradley Photography-555WEBShawn Bradley Photography-544WEBstoryboard056WEBstoryboard055WEB

The table decorations were simple and elegant.  The room was lit by spot lights and candles.

storyboard051WEBstoryboard052WEBstoryboard053WEBstoryboard057WEBstoryboard058WEBstoryboard060WEBShawn Bradley Photography-133WEBstoryboard026WEBstoryboard032WEBstoryboard028WEB

Dj has been by my side through some of the hardest times of my life and has shown me what it means to truly be loved. He has helped me grow into the person I am and continues to build me up. He always makes me laugh and helps me see the good in every day. I am so proud of the person I am and the couple we have become. I’m truly lucky and blessed to have met him and I cannot wait to see what the rest of our tomorrow will hold.” — Misty Hughes

Shawn Bradley Photography-580Congratulations Misty + DJ!

To view the rest of the photos and/or purchase prints you can visit directly by clicking here: MISTY + DJ