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October 01, 2013

Mr father has always had a passion for cars and drag racing.  I can’t say that hasn’t rubbed off on me, because it has.  But my fathers passion for cars is probably equal for my passion for photography.  So when he had the opportunity to be the driver of a custom built 1963 Corvette Pro Mod, what is he to say besides an enthusiastic “heck yes!”  So I tagged along camera in hand and captured a few photos/video.

This was at the local track and was only the second time my father had the car out.  They are still fine tuning the car and looking for ways to make it go even faster.  I believe his fastest time in an 1/8 mile was 4.77  but he did run one quarter mile pass in 7.33 and 188 mph.

I had a very enjoyable experience watching him race like he did.  It brought back instant memories of when I was about 10 years old spending every Saturday night at the racetrack.

Here are some photos and a link to the video on youtube if you are so inclined to check it out!